Nishchay Parashar.
Hi, I'm Nishchay

I'm a research engineer with a habit of being in awe of ingeniously designed and developed Computer & Software Systems. I like to think of the study of Systems and Computer Science in general as a series of trade-offs and decisions that need to be made for each new application and advancement in the field. Thinking about these decisions is what keeps me in love with this stream of science. I also am enthralled by Data Science and my recent work has helped me in developing a predilection towards the subject.

In my free time, I try and educate myself about climate change and learn more about technical computer science angles to tackle the problem. When I’m not in front of the terminal, you can find me at the tennis court or trying to learn guitar and music theory :)

Senior Engineer
Samsung Research - Samsung Semiconductor India Research
Aug '20 - Jul '22
  • Developed and owned multiple microservices essential to the department's flagship automation platform.
  • Developing distributed log pipelines and complementary in-house analytics engine to tackle SQA problem statements.
  • Holding primary ownership of Analytics and ML branch of service, developing features such as false positive detection helping identify avg 200 test cases per release (avg 100k test cases), failure root cause analysis, failure similarity search.
  • Presented internal technical paper as 1st author on 'Failure Analysis, Triaging and Optimization using Data Science' at Samsung India Developer's Day TechCon 2020, submitted papers and participated regularly in internal research seminars.
Software Developer Intern
Samsung Research - Samsung Semiconductor India Research
Jan '20 - Jul '20
  • Part of the team developing Composable Infrastructure and Hybrid Cloud solutions to be used by Samsung R&D centers across the globe.
  • Contributed to multiple research assignments, experiments and 2000+ lines of code, working extensively on the forward-looking concept of Composable Infrastructure and employed established open-source tools like OpenStack, Puppet-Razor, Juju and Django.
  • Cleared Samsung’s Software Competency Test: Advance Level, the highest level possible for interns.
Software Developer Intern
Physiz Agtech, Mumbai
May '19 - Jul '19
  • Worked on backend development for the company’s core product implementing multiple major features and developing 30+ API routes enabling the team to stay on track for their global release.
  • Designed and built an automated testing solution from scratch increasing code coverage from 0% to over 60%.
  • Took on DevOps responsibility by setting up CI/CD, API Gateway and managing IoT devices over the cloud.
Nebula Infomatique, Delhi
May '17 - Jul '17
  • Developed company website along with setting up mail servers and providing tech support and training.
  • The website has a Google speed score of 97(Mobile) & 100(Desktop) while the competitor’s website has a score of 5(Mobile) & 63(Desktop).
Volunteering Experience
GitHub Campus
GitHub Education, Remote
Sep '18 - Jul '20
  • Selected by GitHub from a global application pool as a Campus Expert based on proficiency in Git and work towards community building.
  • Secured sponsorship of USD 750 from GitHub for organizing events for the tech community on campus.
  • Trained by GitHub in community management and software development. Conducted multiple workshops and taught Git to 300+ students.
IECSE, Manipal
Aug '18 - Jul '19
  • Lead and managed a community of over 2500 students on campus with mission to uplift the tech culture of the university.
  • Secured the highest sponsorship amount ever in the history of the organization for the annual technical fest Prometheus.
  • Organized tech talks, workshops, competitions and worked alongside community members on multiple projects.
Brown University
Master's in Computer Science
Sep '22 - May '24 (expected)
  • Declared Systems as pathway specialization.
  • Fall 22 courses include Computer Systems and Design and Analysis of Algorithms.
Manipal Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science
Jul '16 - Aug '20
  • CGPA: 8.69(Scale of 10.0); 3.96(Scale of 4.0) as evaluated by WES.
  • Teaching assistant for special course comprised of material from Data Structures (CSE 2103), Design and Analysis of Algorithms (CSE 2202) and other core Computer Science subjects.

Go Compiler

A partial compiler(lexical analyzer) with error reporting and error recovery for Go(Golang) developed using C, Flex & Bison.

DAMN - SSH Keys Distribution and Management Network

Developed web application for securely requesting, granting and revoking access to servers by managing the SSH keys of all node servers through one single central server on the go with the provided web portal. Developed the complete backend using Golang while working with various APIs, OAuth protocol, scripting, databases and other technologies.

Plauto - Parking Lot Automation System

Developed a web app to automate parking lot management as a project for the Database System course. Undertook the development of the backend using Flask, frontend using HTML & CSS and integration of the web app with the database.

Task-Queues Implementation

Since uploading large data sets handicaps the server to process further requests, I've used Celery to implement task queues with RabbitMQ as the broker to allow the uploading of data sets to be an asynchronous task.


Developed a Command Line Interface (CLI) app using Golang and web APIs to track the FIFA World Cup 2018 by getting live scores, fixtures, team details and other statistics right from the terminal.

Hungry Bot

The hungry bot app is a chatbot built on Nodejs that helps keep track of your food intake, daily calorie count and much more. This bot is your personal food curator that tells you what you can and cannot eat while helping you find healthier alternatives.

Tennis ATP Top-10

A small app written in Go to drive the Chrome browser to visit the official ATP website and capture a screenshot of the top 10 men singles tennis players in the world.

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